Terms and Conditions

Office M Pte. Ltd. (OM) and its affiliates are providing its Services subject to the below terms and conditions. Please also refer to our Privacy Policy on how OM collects, uses and protects personal data obtained during the registration process.

The registered business address (10 Anson Road #33-03 International Plaza Singapore 079903) allocated is for client usage on their letterheads, business cards, envelopes, invoices and for written correspondence. Each registration is entitled for one company usage only. Package subscribed with dedicated phone line and/or fax can be used on the company’s letterheads, business cards, envelopes, invoices, etc.

The client must inform OM immediately of any changes in their business particulars, e.g. Cessation of business, changes in partnerships, nature of business, address, contact number, etc.

One (1) month’s notice to the firm is required for the termination of service. The client must present OM the document to transfer/ terminate the business name registered with OM’s address out of ACRA records. There is strictly no refund or transfer of unutilized services of any kind.

OM reserves the right to backdate the service fee to the day immediately after the service lapsed date should the renewal for whatsoever reason(s) reaches us after the expiry date.

OM reserves the right to forfeit any deposit or payment made if the client default on any balance payment after registration is made. All payment for facilities and services provided by the firm to the client must be made in full upon completion of registration.
OM reserves the right to reject an application or terminate the virtual office services upon service expiry.

OM reserves the right to destroy or return any uncollected mails / parcels to senders after 2 months from date of collection notification via email or more than 1 week after expiration of services.

We will not accept, store or forward bulky items exceeding 10 kilograms in weight or size exceeding length/breath/height of 40cm.

OM reserves the right to open any letter or parcel to identify the addressee should OM be not able to identify who the letters / parcels are addressed to.

OM shall not hold responsible for any loss of mail or correspondence in the process of redirection of mail. Approval must be obtained for any bulky items to be sent to the registered address. Bulky items must be collected by the next working day.

For ‘MailScan’ service, client gives permission for OM employees to open and scan their mails which may contain personal data or confidential information, and emailed to their designated email address. OM shall keep the information confidential and hold no responsibility for any loss of data during information transmission.

Incoming faxes should attention to client’s Company name for clear identification and OM will not be held responsible for any delay, non-sending & loss of fax(es) for the client.

OM reserves the right to change or amend any of the service pricing, terms, privacy policy and conditions from time to time without giving any notice.

Client shall make available true and complete information in a timely manner to enable the service provider to complete his task timely and accurately.

The client shall make payment for the services upon invoice issuance and is subjected to a finance charge of 1.5% per month or prorated portion thereof if the services are not paid as they fall due.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, OM and its business partners shall not be liable to client in contract, tort or otherwise (including negligence) for any loss of data, revenue, profits, business, contracts, services, use, anticipated savings or goodwill or loss suffered by Client as a result of the use of the services, including action brought by a third party in connection with the use of the services.

The total liability of OM and its business partners, for any claims under these terms, including for any implied warranties, arising from one event or a series of related events shall be limited to the amount client paid us for the services.

I / We hereby fully indemnify and hold OM and its business partners harmless from any loss, responsibility, costs or damages or liabilities from any party concerned.

I / We hereby confirm that we are using the above services for legitimate businesses/ correspondences only and fully indemnify and hold OM harmless from any loss, responsibility, costs or damages or liabilities from any party concerned.

I am / We are aware that if I/we breach any of the above-mentioned terms and conditions, the firm has the right to terminate the facilities / services without notice and my / our deposits and payment will be forfeited.

The Terms and Conditions shall remain effective for all subsequent services renewal.